Thursday, August 02, 2007

Grey's Dedication/Weekend in Santa Cruz

This weekend, the Johnsons trucked on up to Santa Cruz for my niece's dedication service. My brother Dan and his wife Shannon were married there in her father's church four years ago and they decided to have their sweet little girl dedicated there, too! What a special thing it was for us all to be there and see them all stand at the front of the church again, this time as a family. My mom, dad, sister, grandparents and I represented the Johnson side of the family and we couldn't have been happier to steal a couple of days with the smallest Johnson!

The Santa Cruz board walk is pretty darn cool. Lots of rides and beachgoers everywhere. They also have free concerts on the beach every Friday night in the summer. We listened to a few songs on Friday night when we got in to town, but it wasn't anyone we'd ever heard of...

Me and my mom goofing around at a restaurant on the pier.

Grammy Stephanie with Grey-bug. Seriously, I've never seen a smilier 6 month old!

I love holding this sweet little baby and making her smile. I kept asking Dan and Shannon if I could keep her, but they just wouldn't agree...

Grey wore the same beautiful gown that Shannon wore for her dedication. It was hand stitched and embroidered by Don's (Shannon's dad) aunts.

Paying attention during the rest of the church service...and playing with an impromptu toy.

With mom and dad!

Does he want to be called "grandpa"??? No, he wants the baby to call him Big D or Papa D. Ha! She got a little sleepy during lunch and he got up from the table and walked her around for about twenty minutes while she napped on his shoulder... precious moment...

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Kristen said...

She is soooo cute! Are you hatching plans to steal her?!!