Saturday, January 27, 2007

Inaugural Ball

After the election, the majority of the staff stayed on to help plan the inaugural activities. It was a very wonderful month and a half. It gave us all the opportunity to slow down, relax, and process after the campaign. There were a number of activities over two days with the culmination being the Celebrating the California Dream Gala on Friday, January 5. Clare and Jennifer were both in Sac for it, so we got to boogie together! We even ended up on the stage at one point - shocker, I know! All my girlfriends and I from the campaign went on major crash diets and I was so pumped to get to wear my favorite dress again (the one I wore to the President's inaugural ball in 2005). Donna Summer and Paul Anka provided the entertainment, then there was a sweet ass DJ playing tunes until late into the night. I had a blast and will post more pics as soon as I get them!
How fun to have my best girls from OC there with me!!! Clare and I and another friend ended up at Denny's late that night. Finally, we were able to eat and let the gut go! : )

Donna Summer rocking her tunes and Maria and her girlfriends on the stage being the backup dancers.

Me and Monica. My roommate from the campaign.

Me and Genevieve, my roommate during the inaugural committee. So glad that she lives around the corner from me in Tustin Ranch!

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