Monday, February 27, 2006

California Republican Party Convention

On Friday and Saturday, I was at the CRP Convention in San Jose. I had to go up for a CWLA statewide board meeting (which I serve on as the Communications Director) and for ClubCWLA. We put on a ClubCWLA event the Friday night of each convention as a way to get more statewide notice of the organization and really show the stuffy conservatives in the party that Republicans can loosen up and have some fun! : ) We always have a really fun band and rock out! At the Board Meeting, we were fortunate to have the Governor stop by for about 20 minutes. He went around our table and shook everyone's hand and then talked to us about his vision. It was pretty cool! Then, later that night, he came by ClubCWLA and thanked all the Republican volunteers who helped to elect him the last night and who are planning to get him reelected! Here are some pics!

Clare and I at the CRP dinner on Friday night.

Julie (our President) introducing the Gov! The Gov speaking to ClubCWLA.
We've got a whole "club-like" set up, with special lighting and everything. Yes, we're cool.
The ClubCWLA gang (minus Clare). We all seem to end up at each of these and put them on. It's a lot of work, but we get a lot of really great publicity for it.

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