Monday, July 28, 2008

What a Weekend!

I facilitated my LAST Bergeson Series session of the year down in San Diego.
Drove back up to OC, met my old high school dance teacher at Starbucks for a visit -- too fun to go back in time!
Picked up my friend Rachel, then a city councilwoman and her husband for a night at the Hollywood Bowl, featuring Diana Ross! We sat in the box and had a scrumptious dinner delivered and I brought a couple bottles of Conundrum vino - yum!

Ran errands, then threw a baby shower for my friend Mindy, who recently adopted a beautiful baby boy named Zach.
Went to see my friend Phil play his first solo gig, in Huntington Beach.
Drove up to Long Beach, met Carlee, then headed to another gig to see Pete's (cousin Sara-Britt's hubby) band play, then watch Bryan's (Carlee's hubby) hip hop debut. What a freaking hoot!!!

Me and Sara-Britt

The Pseudo Rebels in action!!! And below!


Went back to dance class and worked my BUTT off! Seriously, I could have been the mother of the other students, but it was so fun and hard. I sweat like I'd been in a spin was gnarly, but even when I was critiqued, I still enjoyed it. Went home, got ready, and drove out to Temecula with Clare and Matt to do a little lunching and wine-tasting! Bought the movie 21 and enjoyed it while I did laundry.

Talk about a jam-packed weekend, but it was fun because I was with the people I love!

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