Monday, April 23, 2007

I bought a new couch and some curtains!

The home renovations continue! Yesterday I bought some new furniture for my living room... My couches were pretty ghetto with seams that were ripping apart -- BOO. So, as I'm making my place beautiful in the kitchen and bathroom, I decided to improve the living room, too. I'll post some pics in a few weeks when I get it, but I made a big decision to go with a red couch photo from the website below. I also got some great curtains at a KILLER price from the Silk Trading Company...who knew they had massive sales occassionally? I even got some extra to make some throw pillows for the new couch and I think I might even make a new lampshade, too. It just depends on how creative I can get. I'll have to check out old episodes of Trading Spaces to see if I can do it myself. : )

My new red couch...
PSYCH -- just kidding, I really bought the one below.
See, it's really not too red and it's got a lot of neutral flecks in it, too. I think it will be just great in my living room. I'm going to replace the throw pillows below with new covers to match my new curtains and then add the smaller ones from my current couch (that match the custom cornice boxes) in front of them. Can we say FAB?!?!

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