Monday, December 11, 2006

Yosemite Trip!

A couple of weeks ago, some friends from work and I traveled up to Yosemite for a long weekend. As shameful as this is, I as a lifelong Californian, had never been, so I was anxious for the trip. Bismarck, a coworker and friend, planned the whole trip and we called him the Camp Director all weekend. He made sure we did a bunch of hikes, went on tours, and had a fancy dress up dinner at the Ahwanhee Hotel.

When we first arrived, we had lunch, then went on a walk to Mirror Lake. It was really a nice and quiet hike/walk. The lake really gives a great reflection and it looks like the mountains are coming out of the water. This is our group. Bismarck, Sarah, Jennifer Clarke, Matt and Lisa Page, Julie, and I. Yes, I know how to set the timer on my camera! : )

Sarah, Clarke, and I. The three amigos!

On Day 2, we decided to take a hike to a waterfall. I wanted to kill everyone on it. It was a 1.8 mile hike each way and throughout those 1.8 miles, we went 1000 feet straight up. This is 3/4 of the way up looking at the bottom of the falls.

My success photo!

The girls at dinner. The Ahwanhee was beautiful and the food was amazing!

We played board games and drank wine at night. On our last night, Bismarck and Sarah had a racoon on their balcony that wanted to play, too. Or maybe he just wanted the licorice.

We woke up to snow on Sunday, and lots of it. It was really beautiful and we enjoyed seeing Clarke run around in it in her PJs. Guess they don't get a lot of snow in Texas where she's from. : ) It was coming down really hard, though, so we left right after breakfast and took the long way home. Thank God we were able to find an In & Out on the trip back!

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