Monday, September 25, 2006

True Friendship/Goodbye to Sam

For the last six months, my beloved Sammy boy has lived with Amy and Christy, two dear friends from church. When I was in a bind to move to Sacramento in less than two weeks, they graciously opened their home to my kitty that I wasn't ready to part with permanently. They loved him and scratched him and put up with his bad litterbox management and in doing so, showed true friendship to me. Knowing that he was shown such love by these girls has made it much easier for me to part with him again...

Aunty Amy O'Donnell (soon-to-be Burcaw) and Sammy-boy.

Aunty Christy and Sammy in their spot on the couch. Apparently, that's where Sammy liked to be best in order to get some good scratches.

As you can see, Sammy really is the world's fattest cat. Hopefully, his new brother and sister will keep him energized and it will help him to lose some weight!

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